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Darrelyn Gunzburg
Astrologer and Author

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Darrelyn Gunzburg is a professional consulting and teaching astrologer and co-principal of Astro Logos, an astrological school dedicated to the education and qualification of practicing astrologers. She is also a part-time tutor for the MA in Cosmology and Culture at the University of Wales, Lampeter,

Her publications are: (editor) Under Capricorn: An Anthology of Australian Astrology (1990), Life After Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing with Loss (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004), and co-author of The Visual Astrology Newsletter.
Her latest work is in mapping handwriting to astrology: AstroGraphology: the secret link between your horoscope and your handwriting (The Wessex Astrologer). S
ee below.

Darrelyn graduated from NIDA, Sydney, in 1986. Her work in Australia as a playwright resulted in nine productions, four publications, an AWGIE award, the Samuel Weisberg Award and various nominations.

Since moving to the UK in 2002 the focus of her work has shifted. She holds a BA (Hons) from the Open University majoring in the art historical exploration of religious art produced in Italy between 1280 and 1500
. Her BA (Hons) dissertation was short-listed for the AAH Bulletin 2006 BA Dissertation Prize.

Darrelyn is currently reading for her doctorate in art history and astrology at the University of Bristol, UK. She is married and lives in Bristol.


AstroGraphology is being translated into Dutch by Symbolon.
Estimated publication date: late  2010.

Listen to an interview with Darrelyn Gunzburg on AstroGraphology
KSFR Santa Fe (USA).

   the hidden link between your horoscope and your handwriting.
        by Darrelyn Gunzburg

How high do you cross your letter ‘t’?
What shape do you choose to make for your letter ‘f’?

We take handwriting for granted, yet each time you pick up a pen you are shaping your world. As an astrologer, AstroGraphology gives you a tool for writing the changes you wish to make on the pages of your life.

Life After Grief' Dutch translation launched at
the Dutch Astrology Congress 10-11 April 2010, Amsterdam.

Darrelyn with publisher Peter Saarloos (Uitgeverij Hajefa) at the Dutch Astrology Conference.

NEW from

 2010 Astrological Diary in Dutch, focusing on The Centaurs including:

New Wine In Old Bottles:
The Centaurs Pholus and Nessus and Grief

Darrelyn Gunzburg

Read Darrelyn's article in Dutch here .
Read Darrelyn's article in English here.
BUY the diary from Hajefa here.

Includes articles by Melanie Reinhard, Hermine Merlijn, Penny Kinsky, Hilde de Steur, Floor Geenen and Dick van der Mark.

Gebonden met leeslint / 224 pagina's / Uitgeverij Hajefa

ISBN: 978-90-77677-24-7  Prijs: € 12,50

How do you read natal charts? 
A survey conducted by Darrelyn Gunzburg as part of
her research for her next book On Reading Charts
to be published by Wessex Astrologer in 2010.

If you would like to contribute to this research project, please save this document to your hard drive, fill it in and return it to me as an attached WORD doc file.  You can also post it back to me by snail mail. Click here to go to the survey.

for The Art Book (Wiley-Blackwell Publishers)

Chagall's 'Lost' Mastgerpiece
A 'Perspectives'' article on the acquisition of this Masterpiece by David Glasser,
with assistance form Suzanne Lewis, for the London Jewish Museum of Art,
and the input into the catalogue by Chagall scholar, Professor Ziva Amishai-Masels

Read it here.

May 2010 - CURRENT
J.W.Waterhouse - The Modern Pre-Raphaelite
Interview with Professor Elizabeth Prettejohn, The University of Bristol, who was one of three
curators for this traveling exhibition of Watethouses' works.

Read it here.

November 2009
Banking On Art in Istanbul
Interview with Tülay Güngen, General Manager Yapi Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayincilik

Read it here.

August 2009
Collecting a Vision: Henry Clay Frick and the Frick Collection, New York (p 19-21)
Read it here.

August 2009
PERSPECTIVES: Niki de Saint Phalle's Magic Circle (p 16-18)
Photo spread of Niki de Saint Phalle’s last major international sculptural project
and tribute to California.
Read it here.

February 2009.
Le Violon Bleu: A Tune of a Different Colour
An interview with Selma Feriani,
Gallery director, on setting up a London art gallery which exhibits and promotes contemporary Arab and international art.
Read it here.

November 2008
Ben Uri: Hidden and Homeless
A 'Persepctives' article on the London Jewish Museum of Art.
Read it here.

August 2008
Going Dutch in New York
An interview with Walter Liedtke, curator of 'The Age of Rembrandt', Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York, Sept 2007 - January 2008.
Read it here.

February 2008
Two Saints - Home At Last
An Interview with Michael Liversidge on his 2006  identification of the two 'lost' Fra Angelico panels.
Read it here.


Delineation – Reading the Visual Narrative of a Chart
The Mountain Astrologer - June/July 2008 issue