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Darrelyn Gunzburg
Astrologer and Author

NOTE: Due to the demands of her PhD work,
Darrelyn is currently not taking on any consulting work.

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"Life After Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing With Loss"

Natal Chart Consultation plus predictive work.... £155
considers the three-to-five major themes and issues at work in your chart, the themes and issues you have been given to deal with and handle in your life. A consultation explains and clarifies these natal themes and issues and offers ways for how you can best express them, both in the present and in the years ahead to make them your most fruitful years. More info...

The Sky and the Stars in your chart.... £155
A Visual Astrology consultation takes the sky patterns, constellations and the ancient myths contained within the fixed stars at the moment of your birth and and weaves them into the story of your natal chart to give you the big picture narrative. A Visual Astrology consultation gives you insight and understanding into the deep momentum that seems to pull you through your life. More info...

Comments used with permission.

September, 2009  

All I can say after listening to the consultation once is: it’s fantastic! The visual astrology (which I don’t know very well) is very interesting and the natal chart is also widely covered. Thank you very much for this very precise, thought provoking and inspiring work! This was very helpful and I will definitely ask for another consultation with you when 2013 approaches…


September, 2009   WOW! what can I say, this is without doubt the most professional, accurate and impressive piece of work I have ever had or seen from another astrologer.  Over the years (I was living in France for a few years) I have consulted quite a few astrologers and this is really excellent Darrelyn, thank you so much for the wonderful insights, the very clear and precise layout and presentation of it all. You made it so easy to follow for me as a student of astrology.   Female,
East Sussex, UK

March, 2008


Thank you so much for all the work you put in the consultation! It's wonderful! I am really happy I made the decision to contact you! You have not only guided me towards the deeper meaning of my path, but, as I was hoping, you have also given me concrete specific ways to start to make things happen in this difficult time! I am so grateful!

London, UK

September, 2007  

Thank you, Darrelyn for your warm and much appreciated response. My session with you was so valuable and continues to be a source of guidance and inspiration. You are a star!

London, UK

August, 2007  

The tape arrived last evening to my great joy.  I've listened to it once and will listen again today.  You have a wonderful ease with the information and have uncovered "me" in ways that others have been
unable to see.


Massachusetts, USA

July, 2007  

It always amazes me how what sounds vague becomes very specific in the right context. You advised me to start a new writing project and to work hard on it from a few months ago. Instead, after a long process, I got my second book of poetry accepted for publishing, and have been through a period of very hard work editing it for release in November of this year.


The other issue which came up which I felt would be nice to share with you is something you'd brought up in an early reading, and touched on it again when I couldn't figure it out. Finally, last week, as I was describing the experience of being at home  to a friend, it came to me clearly a strong image of our family pattern, I'm sure it's been with us for at least two generations...

I don't need another reading now, things are going well, and the last reading still has advice for the next year or so... But of course, I'll be back in touch after that!

August, 2005 WOW!!! Just finished listening to a chronology which has left me reeling - long lost memories, feelings, sensations, impulses, all the emotions, given a framework, a structure that gives enlightenment and direction. Thank you!

Massachusetts, USA

July, 2005

 I went through your reading and I loved it, thank you so much. My chart is so much clearer to me know, and I feel that I have some very practical directions to follow, things I had started thinking about, and that your reading confirmed.



It was a fantastic reading. I feel very centered, affirmed, inspired and confident from the reading. You knew just where to go and your idea of me providing a brief allowed for greater depth. Thanks again for being one of those special people in my life!


February, 2004

Darrelyn, I think you are one of the few people I have had the pleasure to meet where I can honestly say you are in exactly the right 'job' and doing exactly what you should be doing in this life. With many thanks...

London, UK

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