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Behind The Beat

Publications - Plays

Gunzburg, Darrelyn. Behind the Beat. Sydney: Currency Press Ltd, 1990.

1991 AWGIE award.

A Touchy Subject

Publications - Plays

Bent, Roxxy, Margaret Fischer, and Darrelyn Gunzburg. 'A Touchy Subject.' In Weighing It up & a Touchy Subject. Adelaide: Tantrum Press, 1989.


Publications - Plays

Gunzburg, Darrelyn. Hiccup. Sydney: Currency Press Ltd, 1989.

1989 Samuel Weisberg Award.
1990 AWGIE nomination.

'Water From the Well' in Around The Edge

Publictions - Plays

Gunzburg, Darrelyn. 'Water from the Well.' In Around the Edge: Women's Plays, edited by Diane Brown. Adelaide: Tantrum Press, 1990.

'Water from the Well' - 1991 AWGIE nomination.