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From publisher's website:
Grief doesn’t discriminate. It will touch all of us at some point; an uninvited guest that can’t be shown the door, that takes over our lives and changes us forever. In this gut-wrenchingly beautiful book, Darrelyn shows us how knowing the shape of grief and its consequences over time give edges and boundaries to this dark pathway, revealing that through the prickly branches and the mist, life awaits us at the edge of the forest, dressed in cloths of gold and sustained with love and warmth.

Helping ourselves first means we gain the wisdom that grief gives us to help others on their unique journey to encounter a changed future with focus, determination, and understanding when grief comes to call. To allow someone in grief to give voice to their experiences is not just being kind. It is saving their life.

Book cover photograph: David Krasnostein

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Gunzburg, Darrelyn. 'Grief: A Dark, Sacred Time.' Watkins Mind Body Spirit 59, no. Autumn (2019): 34-35.

In the West, we still find it difficult to talk about death. This powerful and much-needed book confronts the many faces of loss head-on, and will help to initiate the deep, intelligent and nurturing conversations we need to heal and move through grief – everyone should read this.

- Stephen Gawtry, Managing Editor, Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine