Fishbein vs Leibowitz

This was my graduation play at NIDA, 1985. I had a lot of fun learning to write this play, my first, a 30-minute Jewish comedy and it was terrifically successful in hindsight.

Synopsis from the State Theatre Company’s production in 1987

Fishbein Vs Leibowitz is a riotous contemporary comedy dealing with the breaking of tradition, and the asserting of one’s identity however chaotic the process! Susan and Ben Fishbein are a happily married couple, having a quiet dinner at home with Susan’s younger sister Katy. Then Ben’s mother arrives unexpectedly to arrange a good match for young Katy. The results are catastrophic and wonderfully amusing as Katy’s would-be suitors line up in the hallway, the kneidlich boils over on the stove, and Ben’s mother comes face to face with today’s reality. A brilliantly constructed play by Darrelyn Gunzburg!

Other productions

  • Australian National Playwrights Conference, Canberra, 1996.  
  • State Theatre Co. SA, 1987.  
  • ABC Radio National, 1988, 1991, 1995. 

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