Life after Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing with Loss

Gunzburg, Darrelyn. Life after Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing with Loss.  Bournemouth: The Wessex Astrologer, 2004.


This book is about letting go. Specifically it is about letting go of life as you knew it when death comes to call. It is about letting go of the master plan so carefully mapped about length of life and the attainment of things worthwhile and which segues to another gig where the musicians are unknown and the music riffs in a language you have never heard before. This book is also about walking forwards into your future when that future seems over, a space without time, a time without end, when there is no fire in the grate and the pilot light is out. If you have walked that journey and you are a professional astrologer, then you can guide others across the sullen earth to sorrows’ end. You just don’t know it yet. If you have ever huddled in the rain and darkness of an inconsolable transit, bent over the personal guide map that the cosmos has provided for us so we can manage our lives better, seen the options that have lain ahead of you and wondered how on earth you will have the strength to put one step ahead of the other, then you are well-equipped to understand the sweep and tract of grief and be a lodestar for others as they encounter loss.

From the Publisher

Working on this book with Darrelyn was a deeply moving and healing experience. The book came about because I was present when Darrelyn give a talk on the subject. The room was filled to overflowing and she had the audience in the palm of her hand; it was obvious she had a unique connection with death and the process of grieving, and the audience willingly opened their hearts to her. I lost my parents very close together and was still very much immersed in grief when I asked Darrelyn if she would consider having us publish any book which came out of the talk – I could see that the combination of astrology and her natural empathy was a very powerful tool, which in book form could help many move forward to a place where the loss is more bearable. You don’t have to be an astrologer to gain from this book as the astrology is in the latter half for those that are interested in a different perspective. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with loss – even though I am the publisher – because I know how much it helped me.

"The astrological explanations take nothing for granted but are clearly borne from many years' practical astrological experience and deep reflective probing."
Deborah Houlding, UK


“I read this book, not so much as an astrologer trying to educate myself on the subject of grief, but as a person in grief needing to relate to a wider experience of others battling the same process. As I did so I felt a deep sense of gratitude to Darrelyn Gunzburg for sharing the insights that have emerged as a result of her long and detailed study, which has involved many years of working directly with people who are passing through various stages of the ‘black depths’.

The book is primarily written for astrologers, with the recognition that most of us are frequently encountering clients that are dealing with grief in one way or another, whether it comes from death or other types of loss and separation. The latter part of the book considers the astrological triggers and planetary reflections, and builds upon the expectation that, by now, the astrologer has a good understanding of the complexities involved. A lengthy section pursues the connections with myth and the centaurs, and the book ends with an ephemeris for the centaurs Chiron, Pholus and Nessus between the years 1900-2050. The book is marketed as suitable for all levels of astrologers and I would agree with this. The astrological explanations take nothing for granted but are clearly borne from many years’ practical astrological experience and deep reflective probing. As such there is much to be learned from Darrelyn’s astrological instruction, and even the most advanced astrologers will benefit from the in-depth analysis of the psychological factors at work.”

Deborah Houlding, UK

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