Restoring the Heavens to Astrology

Brady, Bernadette, and Darrelyn Gunzburg. Restoring the Heavens to Astrology. Visual Astrology Chronicles.  Vol. 1: 2005-2006, Bristol: Astro Logos Publishing, 2010


This is a journey into the origins of astrology. This volume explores the 7th century BCE astrological lore revealed in the letters of the Assyrian astrology/priest to their kings. It suggests that this astrological lore still holds meaning in our 21st century lives. What has emerged is that this forgotten and original astrology is just as applicable today as it was at the dawn of this extraordinary subject. Volume 1 presents the first two years of this work and is an essential reference book for the emerging subject of visual astrology. 

Restoring the Heavens to Astrology

"Assyrian astrology brought back to life. This book encourages astrologers to go beyond the classic two dimensions of the horoscope chart up to the three dimensions of the sky, the stars and planets, comets and more. A true understanding of the sky above you has far more information to show than you imagine and using the ancients methods this work is worth every penny."
Paul Duncan, UK

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